Farmed Fish to be Fed GM Tomatoes Containing Bacterial Gene

Farm-raised salmon and trout may soon be fed tomatoes that were genetically modified with a bacterial gene.   Why?    Salmon and trout living in the wild eat foods, like crustaceans and insects, that naturally contain pigments.  Those pigments turn their flesh pink or red. Farm-raised fish, on the other hand, don’t have access to those natural…

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Ketchup (Grain-Free)

Most ketchup sold in the grocery store contains gluten in the form of corn (from vinegar).  So, I make my own ketchup.   This recipe is quick to make and the ketchup stores well in the fridge.  You can also double the batch and freeze half of it for later in a glass container.   Ingredients: 1 jar tomato paste (7 ounces)…

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