Beware! GM Apple on Amazon

The non-browning genetically modified Arctic® Apple is now available everywhere in the United States – thanks to And, it’s receiving “rave” reviews.  Consumers love that they are “preservative free.” But, you won’t find the words “genetically modified” on the package or product description.  Because of the 2016 labeling law, a QR code is all the company is required…

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ACTION ALERT! (Arctic® Apple)

Beware of the Arctic® apple!   From October through December 2017,the genetically modified (GM) Arctic® applewill be sold in select stores across the U.S.while supplies last. It will NOT be labeled as GMO. Instead, the GM apple will be sold pre-sliced in 10-ounce bags in order to show off its ability to not turn brown after being cut open.  And,…

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