Jury Finds Roundup® Responsible for Cancer!

Monsanto, the maker of Roundup®, was found liable for a terminally ill man’s cancer.   On Friday, a jury found that Monsanto had acted with “malice” and that the weedkiller was a “substantial contributing factor” to the plaintiff’s cancer.  Furthermore, the jury concluded that Monsanto knew Roundup® was dangerous and had failed to warn consumers…

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First Glyphosate Free Supplement Line!

MegaFood® has certified its entire supplement line as Glyphosate Residue Free!     A third-party, independent laboratory tested the product line and determined that it met the strict standards of The Detox Project.  What does that mean?   MegaFood® is the FIRST supplement company with a complete supplement line that is certified as glyphosate free!   Consumers prompted the company…

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Action Alert! (Glyphosate)

The first wave of Glyphosate Residue Free foods have arrived on grocery stores shelves in the United States!   Chosen Foods and Heavenly Organics are among the first companies to receive the third party seal of approval.   This label is a free market solution to the glyphosate problem that all Americans face.   Glyphosate is so abundant in…

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