Genetically Engineered

Farmed Fish to be Fed GM Tomatoes Containing Bacterial Gene

Farm-raised salmon and trout may soon be fed tomatoes that were genetically modified with a bacterial gene.   Why?    Salmon and trout living in the wild eat foods, like crustaceans and insects, that naturally contain pigments.  Those pigments turn their flesh pink or red. Farm-raised fish, on the other hand, don’t have access to those natural…

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Let Your Voice Be Heard! (FDA Policy)

The FDA is determining their policy on genome editing of both plants and animals – foods that will end up on our dinner plates.   They are accepting comments on the topic of genome editing until April 19, 2017.   Please consider letting your voice be heard by submitting a comment at the following link:…

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New GMO Food Hits the Market (Non-browning Apple)

The first genetically engineered, non-browning apple is now in a handful of grocery stores in the Midwest.   Marketed under the name Arctic® Apple, the limited release is an early test-run to determine if the apples will be accepted by consumers. The Arctic® Apple was not engineered to improve the nutrient quantity of the apple.  Instead, the apple is marketed as a convenience food…

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