Fish Soup with Turmeric (Plus Time Saver & Vegan Option)

  This soup is perfect for the cold winter days.  It’s easy to make and my body loves the anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric.  The broth is so good, I can eat it with every meal!   Ingredients: 1 (13.5-ounce) can full-fat additive-free coconut milk (I use homemade to avoid the chemicals in the lining of cans) 1…

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Short Ribs (3 Ingredients)

This recipe is a favorite in our home.  It’s so easy to make and tastes so good!   Since our family has different food sensitivities and flavor preferences, I cook the ribs first and then each person chooses their own BBQ sauce to “paint” their ribs.  The kids love it!   Ingredients: 2-3 pounds short…

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