Jury Finds Roundup® Responsible for Cancer!

Monsanto, the maker of Roundup®, was found liable for a terminally ill man’s cancer.   On Friday, a jury found that Monsanto had acted with “malice” and that the weedkiller was a “substantial contributing factor” to the plaintiff’s cancer.  Furthermore, the jury concluded that Monsanto knew Roundup® was dangerous and had failed to warn consumers…

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The Truth About Cancer LIVE

Did you know that 1 out of 2 people will get cancer?     It doesn’t have to be that way!   Learn How To PREVENT, TREAT, AND BEAT CANCER without using chemo or radiation!   Watch a powerful 3-day event for FREE on your computer or mobile device. “From the bizarre connection between cancer and fungal overgrowth, why ORGANIC is…

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Free Market Win! (Wegman’s)

Wegmans has removed artificial dyes from their frosting!    It took nearly 3 years to reformulate the recipes, but Wegmans has succeeded in replacing artificial colorings with natural colors derived from fruits and vegetables.  Their new line is called True Colors.  It can be found on cakes, cookies, and cupcakes in all of their bakeries.…

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