Beware! GM Apple on Amazon

The non-browning genetically modified Arctic® Apple is now available everywhere in the United States – thanks to

And, it’s receiving “rave” reviews.  Consumers love that they are “preservative free.”

But, you won’t find the words “genetically modified” on the package or product description.  Because of the 2016 labeling law, a QR code is all the company is required to include on the package.  It’s up to you, the consumer, to find the QR code, scan it, and read the associated webpage to learn how the Arctic® Apple is made.


Even though the manufacturer of this genetically modified apple and are not legally required to label or describe the product as genetically modified, I’m deeply disappointed in their lack of transparency.   As previously reported, these genetically modified apples are made by gene silencing, and have not been adequately tested for human safety.   But, don’t take my word for it.  Please do your own homework and decide if the Arctic® Apple is right for your family.  Learn more HERE.



Don’t buy pre-cut apples labeled as “Arctic®.”

If you are unsure if your apple is GM, opt for organic.

Tell a friend so that we can help each other move the market!


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