Better Health Through Forgiveness (FREE Online Mini-Workshop & LIVE Q&A)

FREE Online Mini-Workshop and LIVE Q&A!


Better Health Through Forgiveness


If you want to reverse a disease or achieve optimal health, forgiveness is essential. Maybe you experienced a traumatic event in childhood, like I did, or someone wronged you as an adult and you can’t seem to move past it.  Or, maybe you are ready to forgive and don’t know how.  Wherever you are in your journey, we want to help you reach your next step.


I’ve joined forces with Debbie Leoni, an international author and Fearless Living Coach, to bring you this FREE online mini-workshop (with a LIVE Q&A).  Join us as we experience the power of forgiveness!


* Discover how you may unknowingly shame yourself every day through your thoughts and your words.

* Learn how to forgive yourself and shift those negative feelings towards creating healing and optimal health.

*Realize how easy it can be to forgive someone who has wronged you.

*Feel supported as we come together in a nurturing environment to help you reach your next level, so that you can heal your body and bring more joy into your life. The workshop includes three SHORT videos followed by a LIVE Q&A onApril 14th 2018 at Noon Central/1 p.m EST.


Video #1 (6 minutes):

Video #2 (14 minutes):

Video #3 (14 minutes):

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