Raw Milk Bill Gets Dumped!

We Won!

The raw milk bill was defeated in the Senate yesterday (SB 962)! 

Today, the companion bill in the House was withdrawn (HB 825)!


“We the People” can change our food supply.

We can make a difference!

The power lies within the people!


We were up against the Farm Bureau, the Dairy Industry, and an influential Senator.  But, we prevailed!  

We showed up in droves, and flooded the system with emails and phone calls.  It was a close vote, 7-8, but we crossed party lines!  


Thank YOU for standing up for our God-given right to choose the foods we want to eat.


Please consider emailing or calling the Senate Committee members to express gratitude for defeating this bill, and also Barry Knight for withdrawing the House bill:

Knight, Barry D. (Chair)   (804) 698-1081    DelBKnight@house.virginia.gov

Senators who Voted No on SB 962:

Frank M. Ruff, Jr.     (804) 698-7515     district15@senate.virginia.govJ.

Chapman Petersen     (804) 698-7534     district34@senate.virginia.gov

William M. Stanley, Jr.     (804) 698-7520     district20@senate.virginia.gov

Richard H. Black     (804) 698-7513     district13@senate.virginia.gov

A. Benton “Ben” Chafin     (804) 698-7538     district38@senate.virginia.gov

Rosalyn R. Dance     (804) 698-7516     district16@senate.virginia.gov

David R. Suetterlein     (804) 698-7519     district19@senate.virginia.gov

Jennifer L. McClellan     (804) 698-7509     district09@senate.virginia.gov

Senators who Voted Yes on SB 962:

Richard H. Stuart    (804) 698-7528     district28@senate.virginia.gov

Emmett W. Hanger, Jr.     (804) 698-7524     district24@senate.virginia.gov

Mark D. Obenshain     (804) 698-7526     district26@senate.virginia.gov

David W. Marsden     (804) 698-7537     district37@senate.virginia.gov

Adam P. Ebbin     (804) 698-7530     district30@senate.virginia.gov

Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr.     (804) 698-7506     district06@senate.virginia.gov

T. Montgomery “Monty” Mason     (804) 698-7501     district01@senate.virginia.gov

 God Bless America!

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