Government Grabs Raw Milk: Is Your Soda Next?

A bill has been proposed in Virginia that could put small family farms out of business and eliminate your freedom to choose raw milk.


Even if you don’t drink raw milk, this bill affects you. 

It affects EVERYONE in EVERY state.  


“The government is deciding which foods they will allow you to eat. 

Where will that line be drawn? 

Will they stop at raw milk?  Or is your Oreo or soda next?”

-Dr. Sina McCullough, author of Hands Off My Food!: How Government and Industry have Corrupted Our Food and Easy Ways to Fight Back  


In this short video, Dr. McCullough explains how this bill threatens your private property and 4th amendment rights, as well as your freedom to choose your food.

Click HERE.

In 4 minutes, Scott Wilson from Full Quiver Farm in Suffolk, Virginia provides a farmer’s perspective on how the recently proposed Herdshare Bill in Virginia could affect the family farm.

Click HERE.


The government wants to violate our Constitutional rights and spend our tax dollars to regulate small farmers and intimidate people who just want to exercise their freedom to choose which foods they want to eat. 

Let’s stand up for our small family farms.

Let’s stand for our right to decide what we put in our bodies.

Let’s stand up for our right to private property and our right against warrantless searches.


Today they are coming for raw milk, but tomorrow they may come for your soda, coffee or kambucha.


The bill has not reach the floor!  Let’s crush it before it gets out of committee!


Please call and/or email (click on the email for direct link) the following individuals in the House and ask them to opposed HB 825:

Knight, Barry D. (Chair)   (804) 698-1081

Poindexter, Charles D.   (804) 698-1009

Orrock, Robert D., Sr.   (804) 698-1054

Morefield, James W.   (804) 698-1003

Bloxom, Robert S., Jr.   (804) 698-1000

James, Matthew   (804) 698-1080

Keam, Mark L.  (804) 698-1035

Rodman, Debra H.   (804) 698-1073


Please call and/or email (click on the email for direct link) the following individuals in the Senate and ask them to opposed SB 962:

Richard H. Stuart    (804) 698-7528

Emmett W. Hanger, Jr.     (804) 698-7524

Mark D. Obenshain     (804) 698-7526

Frank M. Ruff, Jr.     (804) 698-7515

J. Chapman Petersen     (804) 698-7534

David W. Marsden     (804) 698-7537

William M. Stanley, Jr.     (804) 698-7520

Richard H. Black     (804) 698-7513

Adam P. Ebbin     (804) 698-7530

Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr.     (804) 698-7506

A. Benton “Ben” Chafin     (804) 698-7538

Rosalyn R. Dance     (804) 698-7516

David R. Suetterlein     (804) 698-7519

T. Montgomery “Monty” Mason     (804) 698-7501

Jennifer L. McClellan     (804) 698-7509


You can also post your opposition on for each bill:

HB 825 

SB 962 


Who’s my Legislator?


A Special Thank You to:

1. Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund for providing legal analysis of the bill.

2. Hope Egan for editing the script.

3. Buddy Bishop of the Goochland Tea Party for rescuing me in the final hour with his amazing video editing skills.  : )

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