First Glyphosate Free Supplement Line!

MegaFood® has certified its entire supplement line as Glyphosate Residue Free!  


A third-party, independent laboratory tested the product line and determined that it met the strict standards of The Detox Project.  What does that mean?


MegaFood® is the FIRST supplement company with a complete supplement line that is certified as glyphosate free!


Consumers prompted the company to seek out the certification.  According to Robert Craven, President and CEO of the parent company of MegaFood®: “MegaFood® customers are highly conscientious: they care just as much as what goes into their bodies as what doesn’t, including toxins.”


This is another example of how the free market approach can help restore the integrity of our food supply.


Let’s keep the momentum going!


What You Can Do:

1. When you see products carrying the Glyphosate Residue Free verification seal, purchase those products instead of their counterparts that do not carry the seal. Click HERE to find a list of verified products.

2. Call your local grocery stores and ask them to carry brands and products containing the Glyphosate Residue Free verification seal.

3. Contact food brands directly and ask them to get certified through The Detox Project.

4. Share the news with your friends and family so that we can move the market together.


For more information about MegaFood®, visit their website:

For more information about the Glyphosate Residue Free label, click HERE.


Disclaimer: I have never consumed MegaFood® products.  I do not receive any compensation, financial or otherwise, from MegaFood® or their parent line.


Image used with permission from The Detox Project



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