What We Do with Halloween Candy


If you celebrate Halloween, it can be tricky to enjoy the holiday while standing for your principles.  Fortunately, our family came up with a solution that we all love!  



We still trick-or-treat, but at the end of the night, our children have a choice:

They can keep their Halloween candy

or they can trade the candy for a wrapped toy and a small bag of homemade treats.


Every year, my children choose the toy and homemade treats.  Hunter makes the decision based on his principles, but my 3-year-old isn’t at the age where he’s ready to make that sacrifice.  Luckily, he wants to be like Hunter, so he follows Hunter’s lead and chooses the toy and “healthier” treats too.


We keep the Halloween candy and use it to decorate gingerbread houses at Christmas time (which we don’t eat; they are purely decorative).  We also use it to conduct candy experiments throughout the year, which help teach my children about the chemicals that common store-bought candies can contain.  


Our solution may not always work for our family, and that’s okay.  But, at least for now, we found a way to participate in the celebration, keep our bodies happy, and still create joyful memories together.   


Happy Halloween!

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