Free Market Win! (Ben & Jerry’s)

Ben & Jerry’s has promised to get glyphosate out of their ice cream after the”probable human carcinogen”was found in 13 out of 14 samples tested.

Ice cream sold by Ben & Jerry’s in the U.S., UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands have all tested positive for glyphosate.  

While it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find foods that are not contaminated with glyphosate, Ben & Jerry’s has promised to stop using ingredients that are knowingly treated with this controversial weedkiller.  A spokesperson for Ben & Jerry’s stated:


“By no later than 2020, we will stop sourcing [ingredients] made with crops chemically dried using glyphosate. In addition, we intend to advocate for policies that would end use of glyphosate as a chemical drying agent.” 


And, there’s more good news!


Ben & Jerry’s plans to introduce a new product line in 2018 that sources 100% certified organic dairy!


According to the company, these changes are due to consumer demand:


“At Ben & Jerry’s, we’ve worked hard to be responsive to our fans’ desire for a more sustainable and less industrialized kind of farming.  That’s why we’ve taken many steps over the years to move towards a less chemically intensive and more transparent food system.” 


Our diligence is paying off!





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