50% Off Artisan Tropic Chips (Expires Oct. 31st)

Artisan Tropic is offering 50% off any 16-pack of 1.75-ounce Artisan Tropic snacks.


Offer expires Tuesday October 31stat 11:59 p.m. (EST).

I’m sorry for the late notice.This deal was announced just a few days ago and I just found out.


My children and I do not eat potato chips since potatoes contain a compound similar to gluten, which can lead to inflammation in gluten sensitive individuals.

Consequently, we are extremely limited in our chip options.

So, while Artisan Tropic chips are not my “ideal” choice because they are not organic, they do have other redeeming qualities, including:



*Non-GMO Verified

*Free of added colors, flavors, and sugars

*Free of preservatives


While our family predominantly eats whole foods,

these chips come in handy when we’re on the go.  

I use them for field trips and over night adventures.  

My children love the cinnamon plantain strips and I occasionally eat the cassava strips.

They crunch just like potato chips!


Click HERE to view their website.    

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