ACTION ALERT! (Arctic® Apple)

Beware of the Arctic® apple!


From October through December 2017,the genetically modified (GM) Arctic® applewill be sold in select stores across the U.S.while supplies last. It will NOT be labeled as GMO. Instead, the GM apple will be sold pre-sliced in 10-ounce bags in order to show off its ability to not turn brown after being cut open.  And, since no preservatives are needed to prevent browning, the label can legally claim “preservative free,” which may attract buyers.


But, don’t be fooled by this impostor.


The developer, Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc., claims that Arctic® apples “..are likely the most tested apples on the planet.”  However, the Arctic® apple has not been safety tested for toxicity or allergenicity in animals, according to GMWatch – an independent watchdog group.


In fact, when Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. submitted a request to the USDA for “Nonregulated Status” of the Arctic® apple, there was no mention of safety testing on rats, mice, humans or any other animal.  (Read that document HERE).   However, in that same document, Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. did acknowledge the possibility of contamination: “An adverse agro-ecological consequence is the potential for contamination of seeds in conventional or organic apple crops…”


If the Arctic® apple is successful in America this fall, it could lead to:

* Distribution throughout the U.S.

* International distribution – Canada is next.

* Release of additional non-browning GM varieties, including: Fuji, Golden, and Granny.   All three have already been “approved” for sale in the US.

* Contamination of conventional and organic apple crops.


Let’s stop the Arctic® apple in its tracks!


I contacted the company requesting a list of states where the Arctic® apple will be sold.  Neal Carter, President of Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc., would not reveal that information, but he did confirm that the product will be identifiable: “The Arctic® apples logo will be prominent on all packaging, and consumers will have the opportunity to learn more about the science and safety behind our apple varieties through a scannable, on-package QR-code or by visiting”



Don’t buy pre-cut apples labeled as “Arctic®.”

If you are unsure if your apple is GM, opt for organic.

Tell a friend so that we can help each other move the market!


For more information click HERE.



1. Personal communication with Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. (the maker of Arctic® apple); October 2, 2017.







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