Making “Healthy” Food More Affordable: Organic Breakfast for $0.81

The cost of “healthy” food is the number one concern I hear.  And, I totally get it.


As a homeschooling family, we live on one income.  Fortunately, my husband, Donnie, is very good at figuring out how to make “healthy” food more affordable.  In our family, we divide and conquer: I figure out which foods are optimal for myself and my children, and Donnie figures out how to make those foods less expensive.


I’d like to begin sharing tips and tricks that we use in order to bring down the cost of our food.


Donnie’s first tip: Keep a sales fund so you can buy food on bulk sale.


For example, for $0.81 per day, Donnie eats a 100% organic breakfast.  How?


Donnie loves an organic cereal from Cascadian Farms.  Right now, our local Kroger sells that cereal for $3.29 per box.  Sometimes it is on sale at Kroger for around $2.50 per box.  However, every few months, Kroger offers a bulk sale: If you buy 5 boxes of that cereal, the cost is $2.20 per box.


Donnie keeps a sales fund so when his cereal goes on bulk sale, he can stock up with a 6-month supply.


Let’s look at the cost of one Donnie-sized serving of his cereal (a large bowl) to see the power of buying on bulk sale.  

The cost of one large bowl is:  $0.55 Organic Cereal + $0.26 Organic Milk from Grass-Fed Cows = $0.81 TOTAL 


In addition to being affordable, eating that $0.81 bowl of organic cereal is more convenient than driving to a fast food joint or a coffee shop on the way to work.   Plus, if you are eating on the go, you are most likely hindering your digestion.


By eating his affordable bowl of organic cereal at the table with his family, Donnie improves the digestion and absorption of that meal while spending more time with our family.


It’s a win-win-win!


Stay tuned for Donnie’s second tip!

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