Free Market Win! (Amazon & Whole Foods)

If you’re planning to shop for groceries this weekend, you might want to hold off until Monday.


Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is scheduled to close on Monday, and according to the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Wilke: “We’re determined to make healthy and organic food affordable for everyone.  Everybody should be able to eat Whole Foods Market quality.”


To honor that vision, beginning Monday August 28th, prices on an array of popular foods at Whole Foods Market will be reduced!   “We will lower prices without compromising Whole Foods Market’s long-held commitment to the highest standards,” according to Wilke.


This is a free market win for consumers!


The number one concern I hear from consumers is: “Healthy food is too expensive.”  Thanks to Amazon, it just got a little easier to buy “healthy” foods.


This Monday, prices at Whole Foods will be reduced for top-selling foods, including: Whole Trade Organic Bananas, Organic Baby Kale and Lettuce, Organic Avocados, Organic Large Brown Eggs, Animal-Welfare-Rated 85% Lean Ground Beef, Creamy and Crunchy Almond Butter, Organic Gala and Fuji Apples, Organic Rotisserie Chicken, Organic Butter.


Amazon also plans to offer Amazon Prime as a rewards program for in-store customers, which will include “special savings and other in-store benefits.”   In addition to making “healthy” food more affordable, Amazon is attempting to make “healthy” food more accessible.  Products containing the Whole Foods Market private label – including 365 Value, Whole Foods Market, Whole Paws, and Whole Catch – will soon be available through, Prime Pantry, Prime Now, and AmazonFresh.    


Plus, customers will eventually be able to order products on Amazon and pick them up at their local Whole Foods Market, as well as send returns back to Amazon through Whole Foods.  If that’s not exciting enough, according to the press release, more great news is coming our way:   “This is just the beginning- Amazon and Whole Foods Market plan to offer more in-store benefits and lower prices for customers over time as the two companies integrate logistics and point-of-sale and merchandising systems.”


Hopefully these promises come to fruition.  I will continue to stand on my post as a watchdog and report back to you in the event that Amazon breaks from either their stated goals or values. In the meantime, I plan to shop at Whole Foods on Monday!



Read the full press release HERE

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