Coupon! (Ellwood Thompson’s)

Ellwood Thompson’s is offering a special coupon for my subscribers:  $5 Gift Card!


This is a great opportunity to”feed the good and starve the bad.”


Ellwood Thompson’s is a small, locally-owned and independently operated natural foods market.  Their goal:”To feed the heart and soul of our community through a strong commitment to local and organic foods.”


Let’s help “feed the good” by supporting Ellwood Thompson’s with our dollars.


To learn more about their values, please visit their website:


To redeem your coupon: Print this blog post and bring it to Ellwood Thompson’s to receive your $5 gift card.


Offer expires August 31, 2017.


Full disclosure: I do not receive any compensation, financial or otherwise, from Ellwood Thompson’s.  I simply believe in their mission and would like to help move the market towards companies like Ellwood Thompson’s that support independent farmers, farm-fresh and local foods, and healing for the mind, body, and spirit.

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