Salad In A Jar (Time Saver)

This simple idea has reduced the time I spend in the kitchen by one hour each week!


It’s easy, and it has inspired my children to create their own unique salads.  I make at least 7 jars of salad at one time – one for each day of the week.   The key is to make the salads as soon as I return home from the grocery store.  One week, I made the mistake of putting away the groceries before I made the salads.  I was tired and I thought, “I’ll get to it later.” The week passed and I never got around to making those salads.  As a result, I lost an hour of free time that week!  So, now I plan ahead by making sure I have enough time and energy to make the salads as soon as I get home from the store.




1. Chop all of your preferred salad ingredients.  I don’t add avocado or any items that might brown until I’m ready to eat the salad.  To save time, I use a food processor to grate carrots. Then, I switch the blade and use the food processor to slice cucumbers, celery, beets, and anything else that can be prepared without having to get out the knife and chop it by hand. Next, I line up the ingredients on a cutting board, like large mountains, to make it fun for my kids.


2. To make your Salad In A Jar, add the ingredients one by one – starting with salad dressing on the bottom of the jar.


3. Next, add the ingredients that you don’t mind exposing to the salad dressing (such as celery, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and beets).  This first layer will protect the other layers from getting soggy.


4. Then, add the ingredients that you don’t want swimming in the dressing, but are still okay if they get wet (such as mushrooms, beans, lentils, corn, peas and broccoli).


5. Delicate ingredients, like cheese and hard boiled eggs, are added next.


6. Then, add rice, couscous, pasta or quinoa.


7. Add lettuce as the last veggie.


8. Top with nuts, seeds, croutons, or any other items that you don’t want exposed to moisture.


9. Place lid on jar.  Refrigerate.  The shelf-life will depend on the ingredients you have selected. My salads last in the fridge for 7-8 days without browning (by day 9 minimal browning appears on the lettuce, but I still eat it).  Just prior to eating, I add avocado and freshly grated ginger. Yum!


Click HERE to find my current favorite salad recipe that works wonderfully with my gut.

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