Coupon! (Polyface Farm)

Polyface Farm is offering us a special discount!  


Polyface Farm is excited about the free market message behind Hands Off My Food! and would like to show their support by offering a special coupon just for us!


New AND returning customers will receive $10 off their purchase!


This is a great way to “feed the good and starve the bad.”


Polyface Farm is a family owned, pasture-based, local-market farm that is “beyond organic.”  Their guidelines for what qualifies as organic are more strict than the guidelines set forth by the USDA.  In other words, Polyface sets the standard. I purchase meat from Polyface Farm.  And, I’ve visited the farm several times to verify their stated standards for myself.  They have an open door policy.  I encourage you to explore the farm for yourself.  It’s a great field trip for children and adults.


To learn more about their principles, please visit their website: 


Claim your discount by placing an order through their website (  After you check out, a referral page appears.  Enter my name and you will receive $10 off your order (the web page might say $10 off your next purchase, but the discount of $10 will be applied to your current purchase).  You can either pick up your order directly from the farm or have it delivered through their buying club (free to enroll).  Limit one coupon per customer.


Full disclosure: I do not receive any financial incentive when an existing customer uses the coupon.  However, when a new customer uses the coupon, I do receive a $10 coupon in return, which is part of the referral program at Polyface Farm.  You can participate in the referral program too.  If you refer someone to Polyface and they place an order, you will also receive a $10 coupon.

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