Feed the Good! (Chipotle)

Here’s an opportunity to“feed the good and starve the bad.”


According to their website, Chipotle is the “only national restaurant brand” that prepares their food without added flavors, colors, or preservatives.  The exceptions are lemon and lime juice, and beverages.


Let’s move the market!


If you don’t want to consume added flavors, colors or preservatives when you eat at a restaurant then you can choose to “feed” companies like Chipotle.  Buying from Chipotle sends a message that you support their business decision to remove those chemicals from their menu.  And, it “starves” companies that continue to add those chemicals to your food.


For additional information, please visit their website: http://chipotle.com/real


Side Notes:

*”Chipotle defines ‘national restaurant brand’ as any restaurant brand included in the Nation’s Restaurant News Top 200 list (August 2016) having more than 100 total U.S. locations.”

*The featured picture was taken by my husband at a local Chipotle last week.

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