Let Your Voice Be Heard! (FDA Policy)

The FDA is determining their policy on genome editing of both plants and animals – foods that will end up on our dinner plates.


They are accepting comments on the topic of genome editing until April 19, 2017.


Please consider letting your voice be heard by submitting a comment at the following link:



Genome editing is a technique used by scientists to literally edit a gene.  How?


Just like editing a paper for school, genes can be edited or changed.  Engineered nucleases or “molecular scissors” are used to cut the DNA.  Then, DNA is either deleted or replaced or new DNA is inserted. For instance, when the nuclease cuts the DNA, the cell can naturally repair the break by using an existing DNA sequence as a template.  In genome editing, a foreign DNA sequence can be inserted into the cell along with the nuclease.  Consequently, the cells own repair mechanism will use the supplied, foreign DNA to replace the existing DNA sequence as it repairs the break.


This process permanently changes the DNA of the plant or animal.  In other words, scientists are playing God by manipulating an organisms genes.


The unintended consequences are unknown. Please consider voicing your opinion.


Remember, the government works for us – not the other way around.

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