I used to believe that food sold in a grocery store or served in a restaurant was safe to eat.

Why wouldn't I?

We have an entire Food & Drug Administration that is paid with our tax dollars to ensure the safety of our food.

But, what if the FDA isn't doing the job you think they're supposed to do?

I developed an autoimmune disease because I blindly trusted our food.

The disease prompted me to launch a 5-year investigation into our food supply.  What I learned saved my life - I was able to reverse the disease without the use of medication.

My investigation also revealed the truth about how our food supply is making us sick, and what "We the People" can do to stop it.

In Hands Off My Food!, I walk you through the truth about GMOs, farm subsidies, growth hormones in your milk and meat, untested and unregulated chemicals in your processed foods, the food guide pyramid of deception, and what the FDA is really doing to your food.

But, this book is about solutions!

Easy and practical solutions are provided for how you can protect your long-term health, and reclaim the freedoms you have lost. 

And, it's easier than you might think!

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Dr. McCullough...offers what could very well be a realistic, futuristic, Libertarian perspective to the conjoined issues of food and personal health.


Dr. McCullough’s a bedrock rationale for the future.


-Pete Hardin, The Milkweed

"Dr. McCullough is a talented writer who does not let her science background get in the way of her delivering an entertaining book.


This is an easy and accessible read that will open your eyes to the regulatory failings of the FDA in the US.  This book is the first I've heard of that approaches our food supply concerns from a small-government perspective.


It's the first book about food that I've seen that didn't just call for better regulation from government, and actually tells people how they can fix their food supply."


-Owen Finnegan, Former U.S. Marine 

"This book is truly a Godsend! It is packed with extremely thorough information and yet is such an easy read!


I couldn't put it down.


My eyes have been opened and as a consumer I won't ever be the same." 


-Katy Weirich, Musician & Mother of Two


Rattlesnake Treats!

Made for Kids, by a Kid!


14 Grain-Free Dessert Recipes

Ingredient Sources

Product Comparisons*


*I use product comparisons to teach my children about the chemicals in our food supply. 

I show them the truth, and give them the freedom to make their own choices.

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